Ink and Elm – FAQs

Hi, I want to visit the restaurant with my friends, how can I make reservations? Is there a specific schedule or time to call the restaurant or there’s none?

Hello, thank you for thinking about visiting our restaurant with your friends. You can make reservations by going to the restaurant section and clicking the ‘reserve’ button. You may send us a message or just contact us using our contact numbers. And yes, we do have a schedule for accepting reservations and you may only call us or message us from 7 am until 10 am.

Is the tavern free for reservation for events as well? If yes, how can I reserve the whole place and how many people can it accommodate?

Yes, the tavern can be used for events as well and you can make reservations by calling us on our contact numbers or sending a message to our emails. Please do refer to the contact section if ever you decide to message us. In terms of the number of the people, the tavern can hold about 150 guests, especially for events so the place won’t be too crowded and still can have a comfortable space.

Hello, can I ask if the menu for the restaurant can be seen in this website? How about the drinks available in the tavern?

Hi, yes, the menu of our restaurant can be seen in this site. Just go to the restaurant section and view the ‘menu’. Same goes for the tavern, go to its section and pick the ‘drinks’ button to see the drinks available in our place.

Can I order both drinks and dishes from the restaurant and tavern? If yes, how can I make my orders?

Yes, you can order our dishes and drinks. Just visit both the tavern and restaurant section then view the drinks and menu so you can choose. Lastly click the ‘order’ button.

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