Garage Door Repair: Troubleshooting

Garage Door Repair: Troubleshooting

A garage door is a valuable investment because it looks fabulous in your home and also adds required security. However, it may stop performing suddenly due to various unknown reasons.

There are plenty of things that can possibly go wrong with the garage door. Therefore, there are two essential techniques that you will have to learn to troubleshoot the garage door problems. There are a lot of garage door companies including Cleveland garage door repair which offer a wide range of services at affordable rates.

If the garage door operates on its own: Inspect the master switch to determine whether it is functioning or not. If it works, it indicates that there is a problem with sensor, remote, or antenna. Check these components to fix the problem areas to restore the functionality of the garage door. If the garage door is still not responding, it might be an issue with the electric system or running gears.

Check whether the cord is plugged in: It is one of those problems that can make any garage door technician go crazy. Discovering the unplugged cord may be very difficult and complicated, but at least it will protect you from a lot of troubles in the long run.

Check the garage door motor: Garage door motor can be prone to various troubles. If you are not confident about what is wrong the garage door, check the motor to see if it hot or not. If it is, allow it to be cool for about 15 minutes. Afterward, you should test the garage door once again.

Check the garage door sensor: One overlooked component of a garage door is a sensor. In case, senor got damaged, obstructed, or misaligned, it can make your remote useless. You should readjust the sensor to properly aligned it and remove any obstruction like, dust, dirt, or cobwebs.

Check the garage door remote: There is a possibility that your remote control has issues instead of the garage door. You will have to check the power of batteries and the functionality of buttons.  

Check the running gears: There is a possibility that your garage door may not works well due to the running gear. They may become worn out due to a lack of lubrication. It is something that will need special attention to be fixed.

Check the wiring of the garage door: If everything is plugged properly and the running gear looks functional and solid, there may a problem with the electrical system of the garage door. There is a possibility that the wires are broken or the circuit is fused.

Before hiring a professional garage door repair company, it is important to perform some troubleshooting tests to check what is exactly going bad? There are many problems that you can fix easily on your own such as, tighten the loose parts, lubricating the important components, washing the garage door, cleaning the sensor, and doing a garage door alignment. It is strongly recommended that you get the help of an expert technician to handle serious problems like, broken garage door springs, malfunctioned garage door opener, and worn out running gears.