Ink and Elm – Testimonials

Kathleen V.

“I visited the tavern for the very first time last week. It’s actually a shame that I haven’t visited this place before even if I was a regular customer in the restaurant of Ink and Elm. When my friends brought me to the tavern to celebrate my other friend’s birthday, I realized why they like the place so much. It was a blast and I really enjoyed the drinks. I actually felt regretful because I didn’t pay much attention to the tavern before. But now, I think I’ll be a regular customer there as well.”

Trisha P.

“Ink and Elm’s places are really great! The lounge has always been the perfect spot for me to chill and relax or if ever I have to meet someone, it’s the absolute spot for a waiting area. I really love the restaurant as well because they have great dishes and the menu is really amazing. The only thing I haven’t visited yet was the tavern but I am planning to visit it soon especially with friends. I hope you could keep up the good improvements of these places and make the cozy and relaxing ambiance stay for a very long time.”

Simon A.

“Ink and Elm are so good especially when we reserved the restaurant and tavern for events purposes. The services were really good as well, no wonder why many people keep visiting and coming back. At first, when I went to Ink and Elm, I didn’t expect much because I’ve been to a lot of taverns and restaurants before. But when I’ve tried Ink and Elm, I was surprised by the quality of their services and the greatness of the different places. It’s also good to have a lounge so it can accommodate more people and provide a space for those who just want to relax.”

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